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Going Green

The future of energy?

After watching this video, we get to know a lot about alternative sources of energy, especially about wind power and offshore wind farms. All of us need to find a solution because environment is all that we have and we have to protect our environment. Alternative source of energy such as wind power could help us not to pollute air and water. We need to confess that we overuse natural resources and that’s why sooner or later may appear an environmental catastrophe. Toxic wastes are harmful to the environment. Besides, cars pollute air, so we need to switch to a lover  vehicle emissions. Wind power is expensive and this is a big disadvantage but our nature is in danger. Perhaps wind power is a good way to save resources of our planet.

Earth Rangers: Building a Greener Future

In this video we can see the organization Earth Rangers. This organization give us good example because they teach children how to protect biodiversity. Besides they are focused on alternative energy. They use 90 percent less energy that other building. This organization is quite good because they show how to be environmentally friendly and how save energy. I think that eco-home can prevent nature from distraction.

His Story, Her Story

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American peace activist who became the greatest spokesperson and leader in the Civil Right Movement. He is best known his role in advancement of civil role. His aim was to prevent a war and to keep the peace between people. His methods was based on Christian beliefs and he lived without violence but sometimes he said that you need to fight for your life. Besides, he was very inspired by nonviolence activism of Mahatma Gandhi.

Martin Luther King was born on January 15,1929 in Atlanta. In childhood he had a friend but King went to school for African Americans and his friend went to a public school where was much more facilities. The father of his friend forbid them to communicate. He missed a point why it happened because he was to young. When he was 12 his grandmother died and King blamed himself and jumped out of a second-story window but he survived. He was very active person during his life. He created a lot of charity organizations. Besides, he donated money to charities. He inspired people not to give up. He made a good progress. He said that success is guaranteed. Moreover he won the respect of American people and brought about piece. As for me he is the best peace activist.

Money Matters

In this game I saw how people live in reality on a shoestring budget. This game show me how to correctly save up money and how to get a good deal. In this game you have to sacrifice something in order to survive. With help of this game people start to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. In this game I survived 30 days because all the time I made cutbacks. The aim of this game probable to show people how others survived and not to be a money spinner also this game shows you how to haggle correctly. It gave me the possibility to be a simple warehouse worker who is in a short supply and live without a good salary. I spent money only on most important things.


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Appearance, Character, Relationships


Word Families and Word Formation

Although the Latin language is considered to be dead and unknown for us, it has strong influence on a lot of languages. Some people don’t notice the importance of this beautiful language and poorly understand it value. Nevertheless, they may use some of the Latin words unnoticeably.
Having some basic knowledge of Latin, especially help people who are aware of learning Indo-European languages. If you know some different roots of Latin like micro, bio, voc, phobia, you will be more successful in learning new language and it can improve you studying process. So, we have to show respect for the language, which probably create many languages that we know today, and it will be a good decision take into consideration this information while learning foreign languages.

WorkBook 'Iceland' p.58

Vocabulary Sci-Fi

Dear jack,
I received your letter and it is nice to cooperate with you, I would like to help you with studying English. Firstly, you have to be motivated and take studying English seriously. I will show you an alternative methods of studying. Of course, I understand that these methods are unknown for you, but I will show you a step-by-step approach. I recommend you to be enthusiastic and explore different ways of studying such as online tools. Besides most of them are free which mean that you can find wide range of free dictionaries. So if you use them effectively it will definitely expand your knowledge. Now you have to set  a goal and concentrate your mind on online tools.

I recommend you Cambridge Dictionary. I use this dictionary frequently and  this dictionary includes a lot of definitions. This dictionary will definitely help you to build your vocabulary.

Next is Free Dictionary, this dictionary always provides with accurate definitions and  synonyms. I guess this dictionary will be suitable for you.

Another is Oxford Dictionary, this dictionary has full complex of different words and it is very suitable.

Moreover, I found very useful tools for you. The first is: Fraze. It. To tell the true this toll is very comfortable and useful. With help of this toll you will get the context and it will help you to memorize words faster.

Another useful toll is Word Machine. I quite like this toll it helps me to recall words.

So I hope that with help of these tolls you will make progress and it will fork for you.