воскресенье, 19 февраля 2017 г.

How to organize your vocabulary?

How to organize your vocabulary? With this question come across a lot of people who started learn English. Each of us try to find their own way how to learn new words quickly and try not to confuse them. As for me I`m also found such a way. I divided learning words in 5 steps.
My first step and I hope it will be useful for everyone is to make a picture in your head. When you find new words, make association with some life event, or some other words which are pretty similar. Use your imagination! The next step is to read and write as much as you can it also very effective in learning new words. It will help you to find a new words. When you find some, write it down to visualize it. But the main point is read what you like. If you like detective stories, read it, if you like fashion magazines, read it! Read everything that will help you to memorize. The third step is make a lot`s of cards with the words and divide them into three groups
• 1 group: the words that you know.
• 2 group: the words that you think you know.
• 3 group: the words that you don`t know.
After that put this card everywhere in your room or even in the kitchen, when you will come across them at least 10 times a day you`ll definitely remember them. Start to learn the words from second group, when you are sure move it to first. Then go to third, when you learn words from third group move it to second. Keep going with this and you will find out how it easy. Also one of the most effective way is to listen what you are interested in. Watch your favorite movie, serials especially with subtitles. Don't forget to write it down!
And last but not at least try to learn more than one word. Let me explain: for example, word care is unknown for you. From dictionary you find out that this is noun, but it's also a verb. Another words from care are carefully(adverb) and careful(adjective)

  • I hope this tips will help you to learn new words easier and faster.